Auction, Event, Thank You!

Welcome to anyone visiting after seeing our Teddy Bear’s story on the news!

2013-02-17 21.59.39

If you are looking for information about Teddy’s auction, you can find that here on Facebook. (While you’re there, please “like” the page to follow Teddy’s journey through transplant and beyond.)

If you’re interested in our fundraising event, you may purchase tickets here, or get more information by emailing

The event will be APRIL 20 at the Legion Hall located at 3712 2nd Ave in Des Moines. There will be live music (CW Hobbs, and maybe one other band!) and other entertainment (Ben Gran, comedian), a delicious meal, dancing (general dancing as well as swing dancing), a quick free dance lesson, and lots and lots of fun. Family friendly! Tickets are $12 for adults, $6 for children, and 5 and under attend free.

If you would like to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings and support Teddy, the dates are April 17th at the Merle Hay location, and April 24th at the Ankeny location. Tell your server you’re there for Teddy Reid and they’ll donate part of your bill.


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