First Dental Visit

Forgot to post about one of the appts I’d been dreading for, as it turned out, no good reason.

The dentist.

Teddy doesn’t like to open his mouth unless it’s his own idea. Never for tooth brushing. Never for food (obviously). Never ever. And he gags. And vomits. And siblings are encouraged to stay (UNSUPERVISED) in the waiting room. There were a million reasons I was not looking forward to Teddy’s pre-transplant dental checkup.

But it went fine. Obviously, these people are used to getting bitten, lol. It was just the standard Toddler Glance In The Mouth check.

I didn’t even get a picture.

The funniest part of the morning was the conversation with the hygenist:

“do you have any concerns about his teeth?”

“not at the moment, but I’m curious how not eating orally, vomiting 5-10 times a day, reflux, vitamin supplements and other meds, and kidney disease will affect his teeth and if there’s something I should be doing to mitigate the effects of any of that.”

“Does he eat any solids?”

“no, he does not eat orally at all.”

“Oh, one of the gals at the reception area has a 1 year old like that. He just isn’t too interested in starting solids yet.”

um… yeah. not quite the same, though, I’m willing to bet.

Then this was the fun one.

“I heard he’s going to be having some sort of surgery?”

“Yeah, he’s going to receive a kidney transplant on May 9, it’ll be his 13th surgery.”



Yeah. What do you say to that? I know the reception staff knows about Teddy (because I’ve had to reschedule dental appointments last minute due to admissions), but I don’t think the hygenists do. And that’s kind of a lot to take in, I guess. It’s funny because I really don’t talk to too many people about Teddy who don’t already know about him to at least some extent. I just honestly wasn’t thinking too much, and it was awkward for her, but kind of funny for me. She didn’t have much to say after that, and I felt kind of bad, but oh well. I don’t usually try to make people uncomfortable on purpose. (well, innocent bystanders, anyway. I do have a line ready for anyone who dares to comment to me on Teddy’s vomiting when we’re out and about. And God be with whomever that person is.)


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