Feeding Teddy, Part IV

At the present time, I make Teddy’s blends on Saturday. I usually make 3-4 different recipes each week, and usually use different recipes each week, though I definitely repeat the recipes I like.

Blends for 8 days

For meat recipes, I start with a small amount of meat, then add a grain, some vegetables, fruit, and fat. For meatless recipes, I just leave out the meat and replace with grains.

Grain, fruit, veg, fatBlending

You can see all of our food groups there. There’s some chicken, grains, veggies, and fruits. You can also see the white blob of coconut oil there towards the bottom.

We use only meats from good sources – beef from our friend Shanen of Ebersole Cattle Co, chicken from our flock, the lamb we got from a local farmer.Ā  For grains, I’ve been using steel cut oats, couscous, quinoa, and rice. I want to look up the nutritional profile of amaranth, but haven’t had time yet. I also use garbanzo beans like a grain, even though they’re not. šŸ™‚

Vegetables are where I feel the most limited. I need veggies that pack a good punch as far as calories go, but that aren’t too high in potassium. We mostly stick with green beans, peas, cauliflower, and broccoli. boring.

Fruits, there’s more leeway. We’ve mostly used apples, pears, peaches, berries. Bizarrely, some of the fruits, we have to use canned because the fresh versions are too high in potassium, but the canned versions are ok (like peaches). Berries give me fits through the pump, so this week, I’ve tried juicing them and just adding the juice, but then he’s missing out on some important goodness from the skins and berries. šŸ˜¦
Fruit and grain and some berry juice

And for fats, I usually use coconut oil, sometimes olive oil, peanut butter, or tahini. Sometimes chicken fat.

Each of my recipes makes either 2 or 4 days’ worth of meals. I have a giant spreadsheet I use to make recipes to make sure I have enough calories and the right amount of protein and fat, I just follow my recipes and blend everything up, then divide it into jars and add however much additional water I need. The four day recipes, I do in parts – blending up roughly half of the ingredients and dividing into jars, then blending up the other half and adding it to the jars.

Part I of the 4 day Recipe
This is the first half of this week’s 4 day blend. It’s mostly orange and rice at this point.

I label my jars with Sharpies, put four jars in the fridge, and the rest in the freezer, and there’s his food for the next week.

8 days of blends

It takes a few hours on Saturday mornings, but it’s not overly hard. šŸ™‚

This is the cutie who gets all this food.
Teddy says, “Thanks, mama, for all of the yummy food.”


One thought on “Feeding Teddy, Part IV

  1. Hello i got your blog from another mom. I was asking about other formulas than pedisure my daughter has a NG tube and has been on tube feeds for over a year she needs 1500 calories a day and i was starting a blended diet with basic fruits and vegies but it was not giving her enough so can you help me a little tell me how you figure how many calories he gets a day and how often does he eat and how much?? Maybe send me a easy recipe to try for a week or so. The Drs arent helpful with getting her off this formula and I’m sick of seeing my daughter suffer with vomitting and other things any advise would be extremely helpful. Thank you

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