Another kidney angel earned his wings yesterday

Yesterday was a hard reminder that kidney disease kills and there is no cure. This is something that all of us whose babies (of any age) have ESRD know, but we keep that knowledge hidden from ourselves to a certain extent. It’s the big elephant in the back of our minds that we all pretend isn’t there.

And then there are days like yesterday. Weeks like this week has been. Yesterday, another one of our kidney kids gained his angel wings, leaving behind his mom, dad, and sister. He received his kidney transplant – the start of the next, exciting, and hopefully relatively healthy and stable phase of his life. He turned 2 shortly after. And after about a month of struggling in the ICU, he ultimately died of complications from the surgery.

Another one of our kidney families had to face the reality that they had done all they could do for their kidney baby, that nothing was helping him, and they are just enjoying his company while he’s still here.

And suddenly, our little community can’t ignore the cold, hard realities.

It’s hard to understand. It’s hard understand how a just God, a loving God, could allow this crap to happen. I want to scream that it’s not fair. I want to cry for those families, and for our family, and for every family with kids with serious, lifelong, potentially fatal medical problems. Because it’s NOT FAIR. It’s not right. They’re just babies.

kidneydisease ribbon


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