Feeding Teddy Part III

Teddy has stopped getting OT for feeding for the time being. I think we’ll go back to it after Teddy’s transplant, but for the time being… I don’t know. Food seems to bring on vomiting, and it’s just not worth it to me right now.

I think Teddy’s feeding issues have gotten worse, particularly when I read back over this blog. Here’s where it stands:

– He will no longer play with liquidy foods and put his hands in his mouth. If he does have food on his fingers and that food accidentally ends up in his mouth, he gags and usually vomits.

– He is an enthusiastic drinker via straw. By that, I mean, he’s enthusiastic about sucking on the straw. When he does swallow it, he either gags and vomits, or he swallows it fine, but then vomits.

– He still will take random bites of things. Crackers, puffs, or noodles. One bite. Then he’ll scrape it off his tongue or out of his mouth and hand it to me like “hey, mom, I think you misplaced this.”

– He mouths everything that isn’t food. He will put coins in his mouth. Wrappers. Paper. If it gets too far in his mouth, he gags and sometimes vomits, but he can often control how far into his mouth he puts things, and spit them out or remove with his hands without gagging or vomiting.

– He can tolerate small bolus feeds, 20-30 mL at the most.

– I increased his rate on his pump to 100 mL/hour, which meant he was able to have a few hours off of the pump every day, which was nice. His vomiting actually decreased, but then it increased again, and so I took the rate back down.

– He vomits more and more as time goes on. An average day now is 5-8 times, though one day, I saved all of his vomits in one container to get a good gander at exactly how much he was vomiting, and it’s not as much as you’d think.

I feel like it’s getting worse. If we don’t see a pretty swift improvement after the transplant, I’m going to get an appointment with GI. For right now, I’m comfortable waiting.


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