Transplant Date, Donor, and Lots of News

The big news: We have a transplant date. Assuming this date sticks (we had a different date and then it got changed a day or two later, lol), Teddy will be receiving his transplant on May 9.

My reaction is a bit of a combination of Yay! and Holy Crap! and Totally Not Thinking About This!
And, being me, of course, there’s a lot of  What Can I Start Planning Now?


Also, our donor has given us permission to say who she is. A woman from my community, with whom I would say I am casual friends, Tiffany Tice. Tiff is a doula in our community, and she and I lead the Des Moines Babywearing and Cloth Diapering group together (along with a few other mamas, now).

I will say, it’s a strange thing to think about someone I know donating their kidney to Teddy. I have found myself wondering if this whole year of us learning how to accept help from others was all in preparation for this one – the biggest gift someone could give. A year ago, it was difficult to accept home-cooked meals from others; now we’re preparing to accept an internal organ. It’s extremely humbling.

Even more humbling that I have many more people who are disappointed that they didn’t “get” to be his donor.


Now a few important links.

First, Tiff has started a blog to share her perspective of this journey here: A Kidney Donor’s Journey

If you want to make a donation to Teddy’s campaign at National Foundation for Transplants, you may do so. We’re hoping to help Tiff cover any out of pocket expenses she has that are not reimbursed otherwise.


I also wanted to note that I still have Team Teddybear tshirts available. $12. That MOSTLY just pays for the shirt, but there’s a bit in there that goes to Teddy’s fund, as well.


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