Holland or Somalia?

I had this blog post bookmarked from a while back. The Big Bad.  Long-time readers might know that I’m not a fan of the “Welcome to Holland” thing that’s so popular among about half of special needs parents. (The other half find it irritating.) I couldn’t agree more with Robert’s post on the subject.

…for many of us, perhaps even most, having a child with a disability isn’t just different. It brings its own element of chaos and uncertainty and pain… Our plane didn’t land someplace charming.

Our possible world contains some scary things indeed. Including the scariest, the one possible outcome that keeps us up late most of all. Of all the things that might befall our children, from developmental delay to social awkwardness to persistent non-verbalism to physical impairment, there’s that one that we fear the most, the one that involves burying our children. The Big Bad.

“Welcome to Somalia”, perhaps.

… for those of us who fight off the Big Bad, either as an active threat or just a possibility to scare the shit out of us every day forever, the idea of celebrating our child’s difference is… complicated.


You can read the rest over at Support for Special Needs.


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