Immunology and Kidney Clinic visits

Let’s start with last week’s immunology visit. They wanted to run a bunch of labs, basically, and that was essentially it. We originally got immunology involved after his repeated infections to make sure that there wasn’t anything wrong with his immune system. He’s had off results fairly consistently, but he was also always fighting off one infection or another. The results from last week show that generally, things look OK. His IgG is still low (that’s the one that’s been consistently low) but they didn’t have a whole lot of theories on WHY it’s low, or what to do about it, other than “watch it.” It’s just a wee bit low, so I’m not as worried as I’d be if it were super low. It’s barely low.

The week before immunology, Teddy had an ear infection, but we were able to get it cleared up with ear drops. He, um, puked in his sleep and we didn’t notice, and it totally ran into his ear (yeah, gross) and then a few days later, his ear canal was completely blocked by drainage (that ear has always tended to drain anyway) and when I cleaned it out, it burst thick pus all over. It was pretty gross, but not near as gross as watching the surgery ARNP pull out an infected missed stitch from Teddy’s belly. I was worried we’d have to do oral antibiotics, and then worry about C-Diff and dehydration and another inpatient visit, but we were able to avoid that. Yay.

Then this week, we had clinic with our nephrologist. Teddy’s looking good. His labs are all great (for him – again, if YOU had labs like his, your doctor would have you admitted faster than you could blink… but for HIM, they’re not bad). He’s still growing. He’s getting taller. He looked good.

After our clinic appointment, we went up to the dialysis unit to meet a former patient who’s started up a nonprofit organization to raise awareness of and goodies for the kids on hemodialysis. It was a little bit of a bummer, more so than I think anyone thought it might be. He’s nearing 21 and on his third transplant, which they are worried that he might be rejecting. His first kidney failed after about a year. So… that was not quite what I was hoping for, you know?


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