Clinic Appointment and The Diaper Question

We had a clinic appointment on Friday. It marked a few records for us. Longest length of time between drives to Iowa City since Teddy was born. Almost 4 whole weeks.  And first drive to Iowa City that I wasn’t anxious. I was feeling pretty confident. His labs have been so stable, and he’s been growing so well… I just wasn’t worried.

And then I was kind of worried that I wasn’t worried. Because it’s always when you’re not expecting it that the other shoe plows into your head.

But the visit went well. There was some sort of student nurse in there this time. She did all of our pre-doctor visit questions, like you get at the pediatrician, but we’ve never had at clinic appointments with Dr. Jetton. It just made the whole appointment odd. After the nurse went through everything, then Dr. Jetton came in, and the nurse  basically repeated everything I had said with me standing there, awkwardly listening while they talked about me and Teddy and I’m all “hey, guys, I can totally hear you.”

But it was fine. I told them that I’d been doing blenderized feeds with Teddy and reducing the amount of breastmilk he gets and it was really a nonissue and I felt silly for worrying about it. He’s been gaining weight like a champ and his labs are excellent (for the most part, I mean, they’re a little wonky with various things getting too high or too low, but for a kid with kidney failure who’s not on dialysis any more… they’re awesome).

So the funny moment of the visit. Nurse asks me how many wet diapers he has in a day.

Common question. And also kind of stupid.

Because it really depends, doesn’t it? NOT on how much the kid is peeing. But on how often you change their diaper. Not every diaper equals one pee. Some diapers equal a LOT of pees. And Teddy’s pee volume per pee varies quite a bit, and his timing between pees varies a lot, as well. It’s just not that straightforward.

Also, I don’t count. For the love of all things holy, I have a FEW things going on that are more pressing and important than counting diapers every day. I’ve never been good at the counting diapers game. When he was a newborn and we were watching him really closely, yeah. I kept it in an app on my phone. I still have that app. I don’t use it for diapers. I feel like I have a general sense of if he’s peeing about the same, and that’s good enough for me.

Last, I like naked babies. I think babies like to be naked. Plus, Teddy’s got some time to make up. All those months when he couldn’t be naked, now he can. And with his vomiting (3-8 times daily), sometimes I just get tired of putting clothes back on him. He’s right now, laying on the floor playing, naked as the day he was born. Been naked since I threw him in the bath to wash the paint off of him. (yes.) (and, mind you, I don’t take my ability to do that lightly. He’s only been able to take baths since November.)

So, the conversation:

How many wet diapers does he have in a day?

— hmmm. I don’t know.

Could you venture a guess?

— ummm. Not really. I honestly have no idea. (and this is true. I could not venture a guess. It could be 4 as easily as it could be 10.)

Like, do you think it’s 6? or 8? or 10?

— I really honestly don’t know.

So… do you have any idea?


What does she think I’m going to say at that point? Oh, yeah, ok, I was lying before. It’s 7. I honestly have no idea. I don’t want to just throw out a number because I’m learning that things around that hospital never die. You say something one time and it’s in the records forever. I’m not going to have them with “8” diapers in his file if it’s actually, I don’t know, 5.


2 thoughts on “Clinic Appointment and The Diaper Question

  1. Diaper question is the dumbest ever. I say things like, “He pees a lot for Blake, so maybe one a day?. You know, because he has non-functioning kidneys and all…” Sorry we missed you on Friday! I will check on the dance marathon stuff.

  2. Yeah, and Teddy pees TOO much. 🙂 Though it seems just right for him. *shrug* I usually say something like “he’s been at his baseline with no changes” and hope that my use of fancy words like “baseline” encourage them to move along. 🙂

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