Transplant List

Well, Teddy was presented to the Transplant Team today (well, his case was, anyway) and they approved him for transplant! Pending a few things:

  • 9.5 kilos in weight (as of this morning, he was 9.2)
  • Catch up on vaccinations (he just needs the MMR and I think he’s all set. Scheduled to get that 2/18.)

As of today, he is ON the transplant waiting list, but he will remain inactive until the above two items are completed.

Teddy still needs to finish a boatload of lab work. They’ve been portioning it out so we do a little each time he’s having blood drawn – his regular labs sometimes nearly max out his maximum amount that can be withdrawn, so that doesn’t give us a whole lot of room for other labwork. The Transplant Coordinator said they currently have them scheduled out until June, lol. But she also said that we would NOT let that hold us up – once he reaches his goal weight, we might start packing them in faster. I can certainly be taking him in locally to do labs more often, and for the ones that have to be done in Iowa City, we can always drive over.

And they can now start talking to our potential donors. So far, we have two donor packets turned in, and they’ll start on the process of screening them now. Evidently, that shouldn’t take long, but I’m not entirely certain what all is involved. One of our potential donors has been researching her little heart out, though. 🙂

We never really thought the outcome would be any different, but it was good to hear it.


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