Wallypop and LemonDrops

Alright, y’all.

FINALLY got Wallypop back open. I’ve been open for a grand total of 8 weeks in the last year. Yeah. And though everyone says “oh, don’t worry, don’t rush back, blah blah blah,” the reality is that a) Wallypop is not a hobby, it’s a vital part of our family’s income. (In case you need a reminder, our expenses have gone up dramatically since Teddy was born, so losing a major source of income isn’t necessarily a good thing.)  b) customers don’t wait around. They will go somewhere else. And a lot of them won’t come back.   c) in the baby products industry, customer turnover is pretty high, because people’s babies grow up, and new people have new babies. If you’re closed when the new people are having their new babies, they become customers of someone else. Whether because of loyalty or laziness, a lot of people won’t go searching for something new once they’ve found what they’re looking for. You HAVE to get customers when they’re in that Pregnant And Excited To Shop For The New Baby stage. I’ve missed 18 months of that. Not good. Honestly, having basically no open times for 18 months means that reopening is a lot like starting over.


I’m open again. And I hope I haven’t jinxed myself by reopening.

So, for all your shopping pleasure, I present Wallypop.



In other exciting news, I’ve also opened a new store (or a branch of Wallypop – Wallypop is really a “family” of stores) called LemonDrops.

LemonDrops currently only has one product, but we’ll be expanding down the road. Bizarrely, the first product is NOT the Gtube button pads that everyone at the hospital oohs and aahs over. I decided to start with the Syringe Holsters, which is the item I love the most.



Based off of a cosmetic brush holder, it holds your pre-dosed meds in a neat little package. I’ve been using ours for 9 monthsish on clinic days and other times that we’re going to be away from home during one or more of our thrice daily med times.

Anyway. Go check it out!


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