No, not the kind of therapy that I sometimes need after hospital admissions…

I’m talking about occupational therapy and physical therapy. Both of which Teddy finally started this week. We’ve been trying to get this started since August. Yup. But then, you know, he was in the hospital most of the time between August and Thanksgiving… And then we had our evaluation and by the time the paperwork got all processed, it was Christmas break for the schools…

So here we are, January.

And Teddy’s changed and grown and developed SO MUCH since November, it’s AMAZING. Every once in a while, I look at him and cannot believe he’s the same boy who left the hospital in November.

Tuesday was the OT, who is helping us with feeding issues. At the time we originally scheduled this, he wasn’t using his mouth at all, for anything having to do with food. Since then, we’ve had a few successes (he ate pureed peaches one day – like actually had them in his mouth without gagging) and he’ll lick food on occasion. I mostly wanted to make sure he doesn’t forget how to use his mouth, and to find out if there was anything I could/should be doing to encourage him without pushing him. I know normally the goal would be to work on oral eating, but oral eating USUALLY ends with vomit, and I’m not willing to tolerate vomiting at this point. He pukes enough as it is, I’m not going to push it.

The OT was very pleased with how he’s doing and gave me some ideas, and we decided we’d just follow up by phone, but we really don’t need her as much now as we originally thought we would.  YAY!

The PT came today. She was also impressed with how much he’s developed since she was here last. She gave me LOTS of good ideas. We’re going to work first on getting him out of and into a seated position. He actually has MOST of the skill already, he just doesn’t know it, and he’s not quite there yet, but she thinks he’ll get there quickly. We’re also going to work more on weight bearing on his arms and legs, starting with kneeling while leaning up on something. He actually got into that position by himself after several times of being helped, though he still prefers to keep one leg in front and put one leg behind, which is what we’re trying not to get him to do.

So that went well, I think, and she’s very encouraged that he seems now to be ABLE to do stuff – it’s a matter of getting him to do them at this point. I’ve noticed he’s an extremely cautious kid sometimes. He tends to panic if he gets into an uncomfortable or uncertain position, which is the polar opposite of Genna. 🙂


One thought on “Therapy

  1. This makes me happy. You knew you were doing the right things. It’s always a relief to hear it from the ‘experts’. They will hopefully be able to encourage you and help you to find the next step in Teddy’s development. And it’s another person you can call with questions about Teddy’s progress, habits, etc.

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