Most Recent Clinic Visit

It went well, and I didn’t bring up any of the things I was going to bring up. ha. It wasn’t anything important, I just kind of forgot.

Teddy’s labs look GREAT. He’s doing so much better than I ever imagined he would coming off dialysis. I worry now because this most recent visit really reassured me that he’s moving in the right direction (gaining weight – 8.5 kilos!! – and relatively stable labs) and I can probably relax a wee bit. And it’s always when I feel that I can relax that things tend to fall all to crap.

He’s actually looking good enough that we were going to try for 3 weeks between visits, but when I asked about a trip to our local lab here mid-way through, we decided to do labs here in 2 weeks and back to Iowa City in 4 weeks. People – I’ve never been away from Iowa City for that long since 12/2/11. I’m afraid I might forget how to get there.

I was going to ask about a few supplements I’ve been reading about for kidney patients, but his labs are looking great and I kind of don’t want to rock the boat with him (which is another blog post entirely). And I also genuinely forgot.

His blood pressures have been higher than we might like, so we’re starting him back on amlodapine.

Otherwise, we’re just keeping on keeping on. Hurtling towards transplant weight. Heard informally that they would consider transplanting him at 9.5 kilos if we have a donor ready to go. Which we don’t.


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