It’s complicated? Not for me.

I recently discovered that a fellow kidney mom named Julia Roberts blogs, not only at her own blog, but at a place called Support for Special Needs.  This recent blog post (by a different author) has made me do some thinking. The author ponders the many ways that parents react to the special needs of their little ones.  “Some parents accept their children’s disability as an integral part of who they are, even if it threatens their lives. Others hope for a cure that will give their children a shot at a typical life, regardless of the danger or the lethality of those children’s disabilities.”  The answer to the “cure” question is, he says, complicated.

Well, OK, if I’m going to be honest, this blog post did NOT cause me to do much thinking. Because it took about .2 seconds for me to answer – YES! Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. In a heartbeat, yes.

If Teddy’s problem were one that was more intimately tied into his personality – Asperger’s or Intellectual disabilities – perhaps my answer would be different. I can even see my answer being different if Teddy’s issues were more systemic, or if they were more along the lines of Challenging-But-Not-Life-Threatening.

But, yes, I would cure my Teddy Bear without giving it another single thought. I’m certain that Teddy would still be my sweet teddy bear even if he had fully functional kidneys.


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