Thank You

As we approach our one-year anniversary of learning that Teddy was in renal failure, I want to take a minute here to thank so many people.

Friends who’ve brought our family meals while Teddy was in the NICU. Friends and family who’ve taken the older kids during clinic days and admissions. Friends who’ve rounded up snap-front clothes in every size since newborn. Friends ans strangers who sent us gift cards, food, and goodies for the kids during Teddy’s NICU stay.

So, so many of you who’ve prayed for Teddy and our family.

Really, your support means the world to us. We literally could not have gotten through the last year without all of your support.


If you’re wondering what specifically to pray for for our family, here are some suggestions:

– Teddy’s continued (fast) growth to get up to transplant size quickly
– Teddy’s kidney to hang in there through the growth to last until transplant
– Transplant workup process to go smoothly
– A donor to be found quickly and easily
– The older kids to have a reduction in their stress
– Randy and I to have a reduction in our stress
– Our family to remain strong (as in, a strong family)
– Acceptance and coping skills for whatever life throws our way


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