Dialysis Setup

We don’t use it any more, but this is what our dialysis set up WAS like, lol.

I bought this awesome cart from Menard’s. It’s a tool chest and it was perfect. Super nice drawers.

You can see the blue blood pressure machine there in the foreground, too.

The top drawer was little stuff. Masks, minicaps, flexi caps, thermometer for twice daily temps, scissors, a small flashlight just in case, heparin and syringes, etc.

The middle drawer had drain bags and clamps. The bottom drawer had tubing cassettes.

I faced the machine towards the bed, so backwards on the cart, but that way I could see the front of the machine from bed or my chair. It was perfect.

And then the closet. Fellow kidney moms will recognize the giant boxes of solution.

And 16 kajillion other supplies.

All of them completely pointless now.


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