Hospital Bag

So, I keep my suitcase packed at all times. At all times. When we get discharged, I unpack the clothes and wash them all, I replace the groceries, rotate the book if needed, change out anything else, pack it all back up, and put it back in the car. I’ve driven that suitcase around since December 26 last year (3 days after NICU discharge). And I’ve never regretted it and I’ve been glad to have it on several occasions.


Scissors, stamps, envelopes, the Madison video (in case I decide I need more physical exercise), my devotional book all in the mesh pocket there.

To the right (top) of the case, I have a bag with my clothes (3 shirts, 2 underwear, 2 socks, 1 pants, PJs, camisole) and a bag with Teddy’s stuff (bath soap, diaper rash cream, and an empty space for clothes that I pack last minute on each trip to IA City). That green tote is my toiletries.

The middle of the suitcase is odd bits and pieces. Feminine needs, some toys, Teddy’s teddybear from the ambulance, odds and ends.

And, as you can see, the bottom of the suitcase is my groceries. Including some treats! And a giant Pyrex cup that is indispensable.


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