Today: Nov 12

After Teddy’s little scary escapade,  he went on to appear fine and playful on Sunday. The other kids visited, but Genna was sick so they didn’t stay long. Teddy’s been on monitors since Saturday night, but he appears to be OK.

Sunday, they attempted to do a fill and drain to flush him out a bit and draw more cultures, but after they filled, nothing came out. Nothing. grrr.

The final result from the PD fluid culture on the 9th came today, and it also grew fungus. General consensus is that Saturday night’s little escapade was a result of his body’s response to the infection, and we’re glad we started treating right away because it probably saved us from a lot of problems.

The catheter needs to come out. I’d be upset about this if it were working, but as it is, I think it was probably going to come out anyway, because it wasn’t working.

I’m not sure where that leaves us. I believe the plan is to let his body heal a little, leave it alone, and see what it does. If he can stay stable without dialysis, we’ll go with that.

The thing that makes me nervous is that we need to focus on growing him, but at some point, he’s probably going to outgrow his kidney. It’s been struggling lately to keep up, I think, and eventually, it’s just not going to be able to do it any more. Then what?

Once, Dr. Jetton described what we were doing with Teddy as walking on a tightrope, with that catheter being our safety net. Now we’re going to be walking the tightrope without a safety net. But in reality, we only had the illusion of a safety net. The catheters never worked. Now we’re just removing the illusion… but, in reality, I don’t think we’re treading a more dangerous path than we were before.

And I’m looking forward to seeing my little Teddybear’s naked skin. Too bad it’s 30 degrees out, because if we get discharged sans catheter, this kid could totally go in a lake if he wanted! He can take a bath! A real bath! I can kiss his chest and actually hit skin. No more dressing changes. I’m allowing myself to get happy about this because, frankly, I need something to be happy about.


And also, we’re on iso – again – until we get the results of a rotavirus test that I’m not sure who ordered. I’m no doctor, but this kid does not have rotavirus. Wally had rotavirus. Genna’s had rotavirus. Teddy does not have rotavirus.


How am I doing?

I’m frustrated.


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