oy, what a night

I woke up at 2 with our nurse telling me that she was doing a repeat blood pressure on Teddy because it had been pretty low, and in addition his heart rate was elevated and his temp was pretty low. Turns out, his BPs were in the 50-60/30 range (low!), and his temp was around 35 C (about 95 F). Yikes.

Nephrology was called. Then transport to come put in an IV so we could start some IV antibiotics and a bolus of saline. Because he’s been getting poked so often, it took the transport nurse two pokes and a LOT of looking to get an IV in (and labs drawn). The only result I’ve heard was platelets elevated (they were elevated yesterday in the 500 range, this morning they were in the 1000 range). His BPs continued to be low, but finally got to a decent level around 6.

It’s been a long, exhausting night. After getting to sleep around midnight, I was up at 2, and finally curled up with Teddy on the crib to catch a catnap around 5:30. It’s not quite 8 as I type this and I’m waiting for Transport again, because his IV blew.

I’m also obviously waiting for the doctors to come tell me what’s going on! In the meantime, Teddy could use a lot of prayers.


3 thoughts on “oy, what a night

  1. I sat up and prayed and prayed last night/early morning. I woke without reason around 2 as well, was just thinking about trying to go back to sleep when I read your message on fb. So glad I saw it so I could add a little prayer to the ones you were sending up. You all will be in my thoughts all day.

  2. You are always in our prayers. I will be down on Thursday if you need ANYTHING. Please let me know. Even if it’s just a chat or coffee or whatever…

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