This morning, we learned that Teddy’s effluent (the PD fluid that comes out) tested positive for yeast.

That’s bad.

It could mean having to pull the new catheter. (and current opinion is that he doesn’t get another one, although there’s a chance that we could seek a second opinion from another surgeon on that matter.) It could mean ruining his peritoneum for dialysis entirely. It could make him very sick.

There’s also a chance it was a contaminated sample, and that’s what we’re hoping for. Would certainly be easier! (Then we’re back to just the stinky, I-must-be-on-my-belly-to-drain catheter.)

So, in the meantime, we just sit and wait. We sent off new cultures this afternoon, and they have three days to grow stuff. So if they start to grow yeast sooner, we’ll know sooner. But if they don’t grow stuff, we won’t know until Sunday.

Fingers crossed!

Also, I believe we’re going to go ahead and get the process started for transplant and do what we can to push him on growth. They’ve upped his intake again (1200 mL) so we’re going to start burning through frozen milk to the tune of 300 mL per day. I’m hoping to still hit my goal of keeping him on breastmilk until 12 months, but am coming to terms with the idea that he is just plain and simply going to need to start the formula after that. I’ll still pump, I want him to get breastmilk at least through 18 months if possible, but I’m becoming OK with a formula/breastmilk mix at this point.

I’m obviously not doing blenderized diet while we’re in the hospital, and I will continue to hold off for at least a few weeks to let that poor battered gut of his get healed up. We’ll give it another try in December.


One thought on “Yeast

  1. We continue to pray for you daily. My youngest [who had cancer] often about Teddy and then prays for him, asking God to watch over him and protect him.

    Wouldn’t he qualify for donated breastmilk from a hospital breastmilk bank? I would think he would because his fragile system and inflamed gut.

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