Kidney-related crafting

I’m not quite ready to show ALL of the kidney-related crafting I’ve done lately, but I can show you these pins/magnets that the kids and I made.


I bought a button press a number of years ago. I make buttons for craft shows, baby fairs, Swing Des Moines, etc. and we also just make buttons for fun. We can add pin backs to them or we can add magnets to them. I’ve sold lots of button sets on Etsy. They’re just fun.

I made several of these sets to use as giveaways just for fun on the Champions for Renal Warriors group I’m in on Facebook. The Hello Kidney image is NOT mine, but I am not sure whose it is. I decided that this small potential infringement was OK with my morals since I’m just giving them away. I tried to ascertain who the owner was, but could not. (if it’s you, please let me know!)


I also made some green ribbon soap. This particular batch, I just whipped out kind of fast while I was making some soap and chocolates for a friend’s kid’s birthday – I had all the supplies out, so I made a few other soaps (including some Halloween ones just for fun). This set of ribbon soaps, I actually was merely wanting to see if I could get a satisfactory green from the colorants I have (blue, yellow, and black). The answer: no. So, I have some green colorant on order. I will make some of these for fun giveaways, and then will hope to sell some as fundraisers for Mr. Theodore’s expenses. If we don’t find someone to head up a COTA campaign, I might just go it alone. We’ll see…

I’ve got one other BIG kidney-related project I’d like to complete before the end of the year. We’ll see if I get it done, but I’m super excited about it. And I have a few other kidney-related crafts I’ve completed, but some are for gifts for Christmas and I’m not quite ready to post pictures.


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