How Dialysis is going

Our second night was just as rough as our first night that I wrote about last week. After that night, our nephrologist decided she wanted to see us Monday for an Xray, but if we wanted, we could try slightly shorter dwells. So, we changed our dwells to 30 minutes and Poof! Success! It’s been going remarkably well since then!


2 thoughts on “How Dialysis is going

  1. YAAAAAY!!! You have been on my mind constantly!! I’m so glad for you guys that the shorter dwells did the trick. We recently shortened ours too. 🙂 Here’s to less alarms in your future!

  2. I finally actually went to sleep while the machine was working 2 nights ago, so this is now two nights in a row I’ve actually slept for a while. It was nice. (I had decided that it was actually easier to just stay awake for the alarms than to go to sleep and be woken up every 40 minutes. I got a lot of stuff done, but dang, I was tired. He’s only on for 8 cycles, though, so if I hook him up at 6 – which I did on Emily’s advice – he was done by midnight or 1 am. I’ve now gone back to hooking him up at bedtime so that he’s asleep for it.)

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