Teddy had a really rough recovery from surgery last Monday. I think he was just sore and ouchy and it got to the point where I started wondering if they had accidentally removed his Happy. But finally on Friday, he found his Happy again. Yay!!

2012-10-14 17.22.10

Friday night we had the nurse I hate and she made our night kind of miserable, but we were discharged on Saturday. (and I’m serious when I say that I considered taking Teddy on a long “walk” and spending the night at the Ronald McDonald House Friday night and strolling back in Saturday morning.) So… we got home Saturday late afternoon, spent a good day and half at home putting away our dialysis supplies that had been delivered in my absence, catching up on laundry, and cleaning/picking up the house.

Genna is very angry with me and kind of bounced between being angry and being really sweet and giving me hugs and telling me she loves me. Sigh. We’ll have to tackle that one later.

All of that week, we did manual dialysis with him, increasing the volume and the dwell time. (volume = amount of fluid that goes into his belly. dwell = the length of time it sits there.)

Monday morning bright and early, I reported back to the dialysis unit for Cycler Day, Take Two. Monday went really well! Tuesday, we increased his volume to 200mL (which both does and doesn’t seem like a lot) and he was kind of miserable with that at first, but seemed to do better with subsequent fills. Tomorrow, we’ll actually have our first dialysis clinic day, which involves labs (with no port, so he gets a venipuncture!) and talking with everyone on the team. He’ll also do another day’s worth of dialysis on the cycler, and we’ll get our dialysis prescription for at home.

2012-10-16 10.06.43
New haircut (first one) and new extension set!

Then I get to go home! Jen, our nurse, will do a home visit Thursday, and we’ll have our first night at home with the cycler on Thursday night. My goal = get through the night without calling Jen. 🙂

2012-10-16 14.05.30


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