Now, Teddy’s EXCITING news. He ate food. With his mouth!

2012-10-11 18.19.43
that green stuff is peas!

Teddy’s not much for oral eating. He actually does MUCH better these days than even just a few weeks ago with keeping down food he eats orally. (he used to reliably vomit everything he ate orally, to the point where I sometimes just gave him water in his bottles because he would just vomit it all up and I couldn’t handle wasting breastmilk like that.) But he just doesn’t eat unless he’s pretty hungry, and the sheer volume of breastmilk he must take in every day largely prevents him from ever feeling that hungry. These days we’ve been spending on the dialysis unit, I haven’t been bringing the pump, so he only gets whatever he takes orally, and he does pretty good… except he is averaging only 120 mL the whole time we’re there (4-5 hours), leaving me to make up the remaining 390 once we get back to the Mac House. yikes. Before this whole hospital debacle recently, he was taking about 15-20% of his daily intake by mouth.

And he wouldn’t eat food. He started out accepting food into his mouth, but gagging if it reached his throat. Then he progressed from there to gagging if food was in his mouth, and to gagging if food touched his lips. And gagging if anything touched his lips. When we’re in the hospital, I usually just try giving him some baby food every night or every other night, because why not? It’s there in the cupboard. Well, one night, after gagging on the first several bites…

he actually swallowed a tiny bite without gagging or vomiting immediately.


It was exciting.

For like a half hour. Then in that half hour, he threw it all up, blew out two IVs, and had to have a new IV placed in his hand. It was an exciting half hour, and I realized that I strongly prefer breastmilk vomit over baby food peas vomit.

But the next night, he kept it all down, and I even put some extra in his tube and he kept that down, too.

And he’s been doing OK since then. I mean, he eats about 2 teaspoons MAX. Only peas. He still won’t eat finger food. (Which is so odd – I did the whole baby food thing with Wally, but Genna never had baby food, she just ate regular food with her finger. Teddy will put everything he touches into his mouth… unless it’s food.) I gave him some apple the other day and he had it in his hand and then his hand went to his mouth, and there was a lot of dramatic gagging over that. sigh.

But it’s progress.

I am obviously going to keep at it, but I’m also going to proceed with doing blenderized diet with him. I have broached the idea with Chris, the nutritionist, and she doesn’t seem opposed (not that her opposition would stop me). I am hoping to get some better parameters from her this week and we’ll get started in earnest.

She had stopped by while Teddy was inpatient with a can of PM 60/40 and called it our new friend and wanted to start supplementing with a few scoops of that in his breastmilk. I might have cried a little… ahem. I strongly don’t want to do formula. I think she was under the impression that I was willing to start after his first birthday, based on some digging I had tried to do with her about whether she was going to think breastmilk was enough for him as he approached 1, and also my admission that I really don’t want to keep pumping every 2-3 hours around the clock for the rest of my life. I had been looking for info on whether I’d need to start thinking about BD stuff sooner rather than later… she (understandably) assumed I meant I’d like to switch to formula.

So instead, we decided to up his protein powder, and I said I’d start food in his tube. What I need to find out, though, is what the purpose of the formula was – fat? calories? I can add oils to his diet thru his tube and increase his fat intake, that should not be a problem at all. 🙂


One thought on “Food

  1. hey sarah, it’s been a while since I’ve checked your blog, so I totally missed out on this awesome milestone (and if you fb’d it, I missed it there, too, lol). So proud of Teddy! What an awesome job he’s doing! Keep up the good work, both of you! Take care!

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