It’s time for my mid-week rant

I’m grumpy today. They cut Teddy’s feeds in half yesterday to give his intestines a break after the surgery. I don’t know if it helped, but it did result in a very hungry boy. He didn’t sleep well and so I didn’t sleep well. He’s more fussy today than yesterday, too, and I don’t know what’s going on with him.

The resident who’s been here since we got here this admission is OK but not my favorite ever. He’s from Jordan (and agrees that Oasis has the best hummus, lol). Yesterday, he tried to convince me that the Balloon port on Teddy’s Gtube is for venting. No, I’m pretty sure it’s for the balloon. Because it’s labeled “balloon.” And because that’s how I fill and empty the balloon. Some types of feeding tubes have venting ports. Ours does not. I can still vent him. Just not through a special port.

And our overnight nurse the last 2 nights has, for reasons beyond my comprehension, been completely disconnecting the pump from the tube to administer meds, despite the presence of a medport on our extension set. (for you non-tubies out there, the tube that actually comes out of his Gtube button (the part that’s actually in him) has two openings – one for the feeding pump and one for a syringe. The syringe one is commonly called the Med port, often used to give meds.) The kicker here is that she NEVER paused the pump to do this, and she never clamped off the tube. So every time she would come in to adminster meds (twice overnight because pharmacy has us on a crazy schedule), the pump would push breastmilk all over the sheets, and whatever was in his stomach would come leaking out. What?? Who taught her how to use a gtube??

(yes, I could have shown her, but I am up at 2 and 5 every day to pump, I’m not going to add getting up at 4 to teach the nurse how to use a gtube.)


2 thoughts on “It’s time for my mid-week rant

  1. OH my gosh. Don’t you just seriously wonder about some of those people?! I ALWAYS give Blake his meds. Seriously…I kind of laughed at your story. And to think, we don’t even have a nursing degree! I hope Teddy gets back to full feeds soon. Thinking of you!

    1. I have asked this nurse to please wake me and I will do them, but she does not. 😦 they have some of his meds on a crazy noon/midnight schedule, and then one at 2 am. No amount of asking seems to be able to get them back to 9/9.

      She has also been clearing his pump overnight. I brought mine from home and explained that I have it filled and set appropriately, it doesn’t need anything done with it. It will run at the same rate all night. I keep waking up to find the volume cleared. So it doesn’t stop when it should. Harumph. On a different note, I think it is amusing that I have been here every weekend for the past month plus, except the weekend you were here. We need to time that better and our kids can meet. 🙂

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