Teddy’s recovering from his surgery yesterday. It went well – instead of replacing his catheter, they were able to just reposition it. Evidently, it was wrapped around his intestines pretty good, and the resulting “shoving around” in there is making him quite uncomfortable. He’s also vomiting a LOT. The surgeon today suggested stepping his feeds back down by about half, which now leaves me with a hungry baby who has a tummy ache from being hungry and a tummy ache from having had his insides all mucked around with.

He’s had some dialysis passes the last two days and they’ve seemed to go well, so that’s good. Everyone on the team seems to be satisfied with the current catheter placement (it’s tacked to his bladder to keep it in place) – either that, or they’re just not letting on.

And I had a Kidney Mom rite of passage this evening – I administered Teddy’s aranesp injection all by myself. (with supervision and coaching) It wasn’t actually very hard – the first time I gave my mom a shot was definitely harder, and now I’m extremely thankful for that opportunity because at least I only had to be nervous about Teddy moving or crying as opposed to also having to be nervous about the actual process of stabbing someone with a needle. Mom was a good test subject – not only did she have nerve damage, but the woman had been getting shots on a regular basis since she was a child.

That’s all I know so far. No word on when we’re getting out of here, though last dose of IV antibiotics is Friday or Saturday.


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