Here we are.

He’s had yet another Xray. And another blood infection. Gram negative rods again. yippee.

Word on the street is that he’ll hopefully get on the OR schedule for Monday to have his port pulled and his PD catheter replaced. (then I heard just pull the PD cath and replace it in a few days, but I do NOT think that is accurate.)

I am sad to see his port go. I like having a port. Well, I like the idea of having a port. I WANT him to have a port that works and doesn’t constantly give him infections. What we have is a port that works and does constantly give him infections. It’s not worth it.

(I feel the need to note that I strongly do not believe it is anything to do with the technique used to access his port. I believe it is just Teddy.)

And actually, as I am writing this, his port is not even working. Normally I would be in a panic about that, but since it’s getting pulled… whatev. They’re going to deaccess and reaccess and see if that solves the problem. Right in the middle of doing labs, it just stopped working.


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