Keeping with the Theme of the Year, we’ve been admitted again

The theme is something along the lines of “make a plan, and God will laugh at you and show you how meaningless your plans are.”

Monday was Teddy’s first day on the cycler. The cycler is a bit different from the manual dialysis he’s been getting – it pushes in the fluid and pulls it back out, whereas the manual set-up is based entirely on gravity. We had a lot of trouble getting him to drain and were getting maybe half of what we put in to come back out.

Today, we tried again but with higher fill volumes (it seems backwards, but sometimes the higher fill volume actually helps it drain better). It didn’t work that well. We could get like 70-80% to come out, but that was with a LOT of jiggling and shifting around. And that’s still not quite enough.

So we went down to Xray. (also, Teddy is going to glow in the dark, he’s had so many freaking Xrays.) His catheter has completely moved. Though it’s now showing a REALLY nice spiral (when it was placed a few weeks ago, it was kind of wadded up), the problem is that the spiral is waaaay up in his abdomen. So it’s like trying to drink out of a straw that’s only an inch into your cup. argh.

So – surprise. We were admitted this evening and he’ll have surgery tomorrow mid-morning to replace the catheter with #4. Surgery #10. Then I’m not really sure what the plan is from there. We can’t use the cycler until the new catheter has healed for 14 days.

There was some talk today about adhesions and scar tissue and if there gets to be too much of that, it renders his peritoneum useless for PD, so that was scary to think about.

Also, he’s still getting over C-Diff, so that’s fun. (his second bout.)


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