Back to School

So, I kind of forgot to update here, but we DID go home last week on Tuesday. Spent Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun at home. Monday morning bright and early, we dropped the big kids off at Aunt Kelly’s (much to Genna’s disappointment, poor girl) and headed out to Iowa City to start dialysis training.

Randy and I are both here, staying at the Ronald McDonald House, and we go over to the clinic every day to do training and Teddy gets some manual dialysis while we’re learning how to use the cycler. On Friday, we’ll actually hook him up to the cycler for the first time.

We get to go home for the weekend, and then come back to finish up next week. Not sure how that’s going to go over with Genna, to be honest, and we’ve been trying to think through Plan B for her for next week if necessary. She’s having a hard time.

We get our delivery of dialysis supplies on Weds or Thurs of next week, and then we’ll be on our own with the dialysis machine. whoo hoo. I’m still not overly enthused about it, but I am sort of eager to get on with this phase of Teddy’s journey.


One thought on “Back to School

  1. Well dialysis time is finally here. We are praying it goes very well. Good luck on the training. It sounds like a lot of commitment.

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