New Plans, New Plans

Well, I don’t like his methods, but I do admire Teddy’s tenacity. He seems to have decided not to start dialysis. The problem with this plan is that, at some point, he’s going to have to.

Perhaps the whole point of this is to really convince me a few times over that having the catheter in place and NOT waiting to place a catheter until he really needs dialysis is really really really the way to go. (I was already convinced, for the record.) We are extremely fortunate that Teddy has no immediate need for dialysis at the moment.


He has another blood infection.

Yup. Tuesday night, he got a fever and then it went away and everyone kind of breathed a sigh of relief and we planned to proceed as planned. And then it came back. And then the blood cultures came back.

This is starting to tax my ability to roll with the punches – just because the training part of this whole thing involves so many people – Randy has to be here, so we need someone to take the kids, which in reality means we need several someones to watch the kids. And then we have to get them ready for all the time away from home, which gets them nervous (especially Genna). I already gave Genna her big surprise for her sleepover the first time we planned this in August, so by the time she really has her sleepover, it’s not even going to be interesting any more.

I’m actually starting to get nervous about pushing this too far into the future, and we get tangled up in her birthday. She’s young enough, we could totally just lie and she’d never be the wiser, but I’d feel terrible doing that. She’s been asking about her birthday ever since my birthday. She wants a Hello Kitty cake. And we can sing Happy Birthday. And she can get presents.  🙂


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