We are a homeschooling family. We always have planned to homeschool, since before we had kids. I don’t really even remember it being a topic of conversation, oddly.

Wally is in 3rd grade this year and Genna is in preschool. She will probably do either 2 years of preschool or 2 years of kindy. Not only is she a fall birthday (vs Wally’s spring birthday), but she’s also much younger than he was at this age, if that makes sense. Wally was born old (like I was – I’ve been a grandma my whole life). Genna is much more age-typical.

We had planned to start at the beginning of August, and then when the plan developed to start dialysis, we put it off. That involves about two weeks away from home, and would have left us with 1 week of school, then 2 weeks off. Then we would have had to pretty much repeat that 1 week again so there didn’t seem to be much point.

Then I started stressing about getting in all of our days. It’s unrealistic to plan a school year without a lot of cushion for missed weeks for Teddy to be in the hospital. And, right now, we can only do school 4 days a week, because Wednesday is spent driving back and forth to Iowa City. Though I’m told that’ll decrease to monthly, the most recent time that was mentioned, the word “eventually” was used, and so I’m just not planning my school year around a 5 day a week schedule. (Um, besides, I’ve already done our planning, and I did it before the dialysis plan, when the plan was still to go in every week or two, and I”m not redoing our planning.)

So as of Sunday, when the plan was to be in IC for 2 weeks and then home, I was going to give myself a week to adjust at home and then start school in September and we were going to say that we were being old-school and waiting until after Labor Day and bucking the trend of starting early and starting our own new trend. And then I started counting, and if we only took 1 week off for Christmas, and no other breaks, we’d finish mid or late May. Um… not much cushion there. (I like to finish up before our Okoboji week the first full week in June.)

And now, since we’re home for 10 days on antibiotics and then we’ll see what happens from there… I can’t put it off. We’re going to have to get started and then just miss 2 weeks and hope we don’t lose too much of the new information. I haven’t looked to see for sure, but if we get in three weeks of school before the break, we’ll break right in the middle of a few two-week units which is less than ideal, but I’m not sure what else to do. We HAVE to get started.

So… we actually are starting today, as soon as I get done pumping. My plan has been to wake up early on our first day and make a fun, fancy breakfast and start school by 8 (which is our regular school day schedule – breakfast 7:30, school 8). But… well, I am tired and slept until 6:30, we have no groceries in the house since we were planning to be gone for 2 weeks, and Wally was tired after a late night of driving to and from iowa city to get me (of course, he didn’t drive) and slept until 8. By the time he got all awake (he’s a slow waker) and breakfasted (leftover pizza), it was time to pump. So we’ll start at 10. sigh.

I think God is trying to teach me to go with the flow. I am trying.

I blog regularly about homeschooling topics at The Family School. It’s sort of like this blog, but for school – it’s a combination of weekly reporting on what we’re learning about plus philosophical posts, how-to posts, and miscellaneous other things.


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