So… Teddy’s current catheter does not work. We went back to the clinic on Thursday to try again and it evidently feels like it’s pressed up against something. Fluid will go in, but it won’t come out. That sucks.

So he needs a new catheter. And then, because evidently current thinking is that the catheter will remain viable if it is being used, he will start dialysis.

I just hate to start dialysis because his catheter has a problem vs. because HE has a problem. (I mean, obviously, the kid has problems… but his labs have been really good for him, his BP has been good for him, and his weight gain has been good… he is doing pretty good, all things considered.)

I got all my questions answered and while I’m still not enthusiastic about the idea by any stretch of the imagination, I am at least comfortable with the decision.

So he will be admitted Sunday afternoon, have surgery Monday morning, and start some manual passes Monday afternoon. We’ll start training on Tuesday and hopefully wrap up 8 business days later. The kids are staying with Aunt Kelly and I’m extremely sad about that. It’s just a long time for them.

That sounds very matter-of-fact, but in reality, this has been extremely hard to adjust to mentally. The longer he went without dialysis, the more I became accustomed to not being on dialysis. We were prepared for this in January, but as time went on, we became less prepared, if that makes sense. Also, I was prepared for crappy labs or something, which would have been a clear indicator to me that this was really the best thing for him, and without it, things would be much worse. Since he’s really (to my mind) not doing so bad, it’s hard to see this as the best move. Sort of, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” What we’re doing now is working… even though I know it might be BETTER on dialysis, there’s also the chance it might not.

So, anyway. We’re staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Say what you want about McDonald’s, their houses are super nice. With the exception that I’m extremely nervous about my milk in the community fridge. I’m worried I”m going to walk down one morning and find it ruined somehow and then I’ll go into a murderous rage and end up in prison. I don’t think prison is as nice as the Ronald McDonald House. I wonder if they let you pump…


One thought on “Dialysis

  1. I stayed @ the RMH and they provided me a minifridge during my stay for breastmilk. Maybe they have one you could use. Prayers and best of luck! 🙂

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