Can you hear me now?

Happily, the answer to THAT question is YES! Teddy has perfect hearing! yay!

He has had, I think, 10 or 12 hearing tests, none of which he passed. Once it was decided he needed to go in for a more detailed test (called the ABR), it was discovered that his ears were full of fluid. Whether that was the cause of the hearing loss or not was unknown, but they can’t do the ABR with ears full of fluid.

So, after a few months of chiropractic adjustments, cranial work, lymphatic massage, etc, Teddy had tubes put in on Friday. They sucked out all the fluid and did the ABR. AND… he can hear perfectly.

(As a note: we knew he could hear. Though he didn’t react to sound a lot when he was younger, he’s responded to sound more and more as he ages. However, hearing isn’t just about whether you can hear a sound. It’s not “you can hear” or “you can’t hear,” “you’re deaf,” or “you’re not deaf.” Even a slight hearing loss can dramatically affect speech development, and that’s not something I take lightly.)

So, it was nice to have something going right for a change.

The surgery itself went really well. I don’t like the outpatient surgery center nearly as much as the main OR, which is bizarre that I now have an OR preference. Each person that talked to me had a different thing to say, often contradictory. They didn’t seem to be as well-organized.

Teddy was in stage 1 recovery for an insanely long time, and evidently they don’t let parents come back until stage 2. They ended up having me go back to stage 1 because it had been so long. I was actually starting to worry about him, but he was totally fine – evidently he just popped awake and started chattering with the nurses and smiling and being his usual happy charming self. :0)

Also, I thought you might like this snippet from pre-op:

– Does he have any implants? Yes. I went over his three pieces of hardware. A few minutes later, same person, “is this his first surgery?” Um… yes. Yes, it is. We got ourselves caught in a rift in the space/time continuum and were whisked to the future, where they unfortunately did NOT have those kidney pills, but they did have the ability to actually BEAM things into people’s bodies, so we just had his port(s) and catheter(s) and Gtube beamed directly into his body and the scars are just to attract chicks. (see, they’re lucky it was too early for my sarcasm to be out in full force.)


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