Feeding Tube Fun

So… I looked it up in my calendar, and it’s been three months since we changed Teddy’s Gtube button. I thought it must be getting close to that, because it’s been leaking again. (from the button, not from the stoma)

On Thursday, we had to run to the Chiro on somewhat short notice. (ok, I forgot about our appt until it was time to leave) and since Teddy had the extension already in, I just left it and off went, with him in just a Tshirt and diaper and Genna with no shoes. Me = Ghetto mommy. Getting back in the car, his tube got caught between the seats and POP, out it came. Crap. I hadn’t brought ANYTHING with me. Fortunately, our house is about 3 seconds from the chiro’s office, so we drove home super fast and I quickly but calmly put him on the bed and got out our button replacement kit. (I could probably have cleaned off the old one and replaced it, but like I said, it was time to replace it anyway.)

I’ve NEVER replaced a button before. I’ve watched it being done, though. And, other than being harder to push in than I thought it would be, it was OK. Phew.

Fast Forward to the next day.

I’m packing the kids’ suitcase for their extended slumber party at Aunt Kelly’s house and the kids are all in the bedroom together. I walk in when Teddy starts to cry and notice Genna holding something. Teddy’s button. Which she had pulled out. And was trying to push back in. Holy Mother of Pete.

So, I put it back in. Again. Poor kid, his belly was pretty sore after that.

Genna totally didn’t think she was being naughty, either. I mean, she has a behavior pattern when she’s being naughty, but this was literally all innocence. I had her sit down in the kitchen away from me while I chilled out a bit, then I talked to her about what she had done and explained that she can’t pull on that, because it hurts Teddy and makes him cry. She noted that he cries sometimes anyway, which is true. And then she said “but Mommy did it.” Ok, yes, I did. I really think she was just curious and didn’t think it would hurt him because I had just (inadvertently) done it the day before and was pretty calm about it.

So hopefully that doesn’t happen again, lol.


One thought on “Feeding Tube Fun

  1. Can totally relate to this! First, I hate putting it back in. It is totally gross when it’s going back in. If at all possible, I make my husband do it. Secondly, Bowen yanked it out one day and I don’t think I’ve heard Blake cry like that before. 😦 Learning process for everybody!

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