I have designated Friday as Supplies Day. Fridays, I check my stock of Tegaderms and other PD Cath dressing supplies. I check my feeding tube extension inventory. Syringes. And, of course, drugs.

(Let me interrupt to say that today, Wally said to me, “I thought drugs were just for grownups.” Note to self: work on synonyms, review Just Say No concept.)

Three of Teddy’s Rx expire every 14 days. This last hospital stay, I was finally able to get them on the same schedule. Yay!  One of them expires monthly. Then the other four are dispensed in commercial bottles, and they expire at random.

On my calendar, I have an appointment to call the pharmacy every other week to refill the four Rx that expire. The other four, I do some rough calculations to determine when I will need a refill, and then add that Rx to my calendar, as well.  Since the amount he takes changes frequently, my estimate isn’t always right. So each Friday, I take stock and make sure I have enough for the upcoming week.

I also have an appointment in my calendar every four weeks to call home health for another box of feeding pump bags – there are 30 per box, and I aim to refill when I have 8-10 remaining.

And, at Friday’s dressing change, I make note of my level of supplies for PD Cath items and shoot our nurse an email if I will need more of something when I see them.

Having it in the calendar helps me to not forget. And, of course, I like having things on a predictable schedule – it keeps me organized!


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