Room Tour #1

As we settled in here at home, during those wild and crazy three months between admits, I slowly have been making changes to the room that used to be Wally’s room, but is now about 50% Teddy’s stuff, 30% older kids’ stuff, and 20% my stuff. I try to always keep dialysis needs in the back of my head while moving things around in here. I didn’t photograph the four dressers lining the walls (Wally’s, Genna’s, Teddy’s clothes and stuff, Teddy’s diapers), or the other set of shelves (part toys, part baby stuff), or the shoe shelf, or the TV (38 inch, I think? Big enough that I can see it reasonably decent without glasses during middle of the night pumping sessions).


So here we have my newest addition – shelves and a fridge. He has enough fridge meds now that it’s easier to have them all together here, and it’s easier to keep the milk in here, too. On top of the fridge, in the box labeled Box F is currently some misc stuff from Home Health that I need to keep handy for when the nurse comes. Normally, my travel cooler lives there. Box G is dirty bottles and syringes, in the wash tub and with the rinse tub underneath. On the top shelf next to the fridge is the drying rack for bottles, and the box labeled Box E contains nipples and bottle lids of all types.

Box A is misc. daily use items – blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, BP log, thermometer, scissors, nonsterile gauze. Box B is current day’s meds as well as Gtube extensions and feeding syringes. Box C is all of the meds plus clean syringes. Box D is empty bottles for the breastpump.

The Misc shelf currently holds IV infusion supplies.


The pumping station. Comfy chair. Remotes. Shelf with water, phones, books, knitting, and also a jar of peanuts. 🙂

(Before you start judging on the TV… first ask yourself if you’ve ever exclusively pumped for any baby, ever, particularly at least twice during the middle of the night. No? Didn’t think so.)


One thought on “Room Tour #1

  1. I pumped for 2 kids, so I completely understand. I hyper-lactated for my second child and bought a deep freeze just for breastmilk.

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