IV Pump

When we were discharged on Tuesday, we were discharged with nearly 2 weeks of IV antibiotics still to go. I’ve found if I start asking “hey, can we be home by X date,” they will usually try to make that happen. Our anniversary was the 19th, and they made sure we were home for that. šŸ™‚

Normally, evidently, they do NOT let infants go home on IV antibiotics. They also informed me that the never let babies go home with a Broviac still in place. I reminded them of how that turned out and were they sure they wanted me in charge of this?

Tour of New Medical Procedure Room

So this is the IV pump. It is remarkably easy to use. I have not done IVs myself since dad was in home hospice, and part of me has always thought that they let me take over that aspect of his care because, at that point, it’s not like I could have made him any WORSE. So with that thought in my head, I learned how to care for Teddy’s IV.

He gets one infusion every morning at 9, and another one every 72 hours after the first one is finished. We just remember SASH (Saline, Administer, Saline, Heparin) and are OCD about hand washing, then hand sanitizer, then gloves.


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