Hillbilly Feeding Pump Setup

I feel like this is so hillbilly, but it’s working! Iowa’s been under this insane heat wave. The daily temperature is approx twice that of the surface of the sun. We bought, just for Mr. Theodore, a portable AC unit that lives in the bathroom and cools the bathroom and the kids bedroom, which is where I currently sleep with Teddy (because it’s cooled). When I say that it cools those rooms, I mean – it cools them. They are cooler than, for example, the other bedroom. They are not as cool as a room that is actually air-conditioned.

Tour of New Medical Procedure Room

The backpack that came with the feeding pump is NOT insulated. I find that to be extremely odd. So even though I’ve started putting one of the large ice packs in the backpack at night, the milk’s still getting well beyond nasty by morning. So I’ve started hanging the bag in this insulated lunchbag from our IV pole. The bag actually just sits inside, but this is working well for us, since the IV pole lives next to the bed anyway.


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