Update 7/14

Teddy’s blood is growing both gram negative rods, as well as gram positive cocci in pairs and chains.

What? You’re not a microbiologist? Me, neither, but the internet is my friend. And so is Kelli P.

Gram negative rods include favorites like E Coli and Salmonella, but includes a boatload of bacteria you’ve never heard of, too.  Gram positive cocci in pairs and chains would mean either strep or enterococcus. A quick Google told me that I really wanted it to be strep.

It’s enterococcus.

(plus whatever the gram negative rods turn out to be.)

Enterococcus is one of those hospital bugs that nothing can kill. Whoo hoo! In truth, SOME strains of it are nearly impossible to kill, and some strains will die off with the right antibiotic. We’re still waiting to see which one this is.

In the meantime, he’s on a few antibiotics.

He’s also got the runs, which is probably from the antibiotics, but MIGHT be something like C-diff, which is pretty contagious, so they’re going to run a stool sample and have everyone who comes in the room wear gowns. This pretty effectively has stopped his diarrhea. 🙂

His blood culture from yesterday (13th) has not grown anything YET… they give it 5 days, but hopefully we can count the 13th as our first negative culture day, then we have 7-10 days of treatment after that day before we go home. UGH. That the culture isn’t growing anything yet also means that it’s more likely that the antibiotics are working, and the enterococcus is not the extremely hard to kill type.

(I’m surprised that ID – infectious diseases – hasn’t been by. The ID lady was all over us during his last line infection, when he evidently grew some fascinating bacteria that she said was quite unusual. Evidently, enterococcus isn’t that fascinating.)

Now, I will say. I love his port. But I’ve about had it with line infections.


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