Yesterday was also attempt #2 for the ABR hearing test. Again, he had fluid in his ears – both of them this time – and we went ahead and scheduled surgery to put in tubes for August 10. Part of me wants to say no to tubes. He’s never had an ear infection. But the fluid is there nearly constantly, and he rubs at his ears nearly constantly – I honestly can’t remember a day that he hasn’t been digging at his ears. They clearly bug him. Hopefully the tubes will let the fluid drain out and they won’t bug him as much – and maybe he’ll be able to hear better, too.

They will go ahead and do the ABR while he is in the OR, so we’ll know right away if he actually has a hearing problem or if it’s just fluid.

And for the record, we’ve tried everything we can to get the fluid to drain. It will get better, and then get worse again. Our chiro has been doing cranial work and lymphatic massage, as have I, and it’s just not helping long-term. I’m unwilling to wait – I don’t want to risk his language development over something so simple. (yes, surgery has risks, but this will be #8 for him, and he came out of the other 7 just fine, and they were all much more complex.)


(It was kind of funny in otolaryngology yesterday with the permission form and the pages of info about surgery risks, procedures, etc., and I’m all “just show me where to sign unless this is different from the other 7 that I have signed…” Evidently, most of their kids have never had surgery before. )


One thought on “Hearing/Ears

  1. Sounds like Evie before tubes, the constant digging at them. Tubes made a huge difference for her. It’ll be good to know where he’s at hearing wise, too. I wish we had known sooner about Evie’s hearing loss. Praying you get out of the hospital quickly and that tubes surgery goes ahead as scheduled!

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