So Wednesday is a big day for Teddy.

We have labs and clinic at 11. This is when we find out if our efforts in rehydrating him have been successful and if it’s time to start dialysis. Sigh.

At 10, I have to stop feeding him. At 1, we report down to otolaryngology for a peek inside his ears to see if all of our chiropractic and lymphatic and cranial efforts have paid off in fluid-free ears. If yes, then he’ll get the ABR hearing test to give us a better picture of his hearing. If no, then they’ll want to schedule surgery for tubes. I’m not eager for tubes, but if he still has fluid despite everything we’ve tried, I agree that it’s time.

(Then after the tubes have done their job, we’ll do the ABR and FINALLY find out if he can hear. I really think this has gone on for long enough.)

Then, after all that, if we’re to be admitted, we’ll head over and settle in…


One thought on “Wednesday

  1. One more thing, tubes. I do hear that tubes usually do the job as a temporary solution. Good luck on the appointment.

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