Ungreat Clinic Visit

We had clinic again yesterday. Bad, bad, bad, lol.

First, had I known that Jen, our nurse, was on vacation (thus jinxing our visit), I would not have taken Wally to Cracker Barrel for Mommy Wally night on Monday (thus jinxing our visit). TWO Jinxes? Yeah.

His blood pressures are still too high, even though we keep increasing the bp med. Our nephrologist would like to start him on a different medicine that will probably work better (evidently, it just tends to work better on kidney kids). However, this drug is also harder on kidneys that are not on dialysis. (However, high blood pressure is also hard on kidneys.) She’s mentioned switching to the other drug so many times, and then just can’t quite do it. I appreciate her caution, and trust her judgement completely. She’s also been asking other doctors what they think and the consensus seems to be that it’s not worth the risk. It’s a tough call of which one is worse – this new drug, or the high blood pressures – but I think we’d both rather have his kidney crap out due to inaction than due to action, if that makes sense. And I love that so many people want to keep him off dialysis if possible.

His labs were kind of crappy, too. BUN is mid-70s. He has been puking a lot since Wednesday, so he could just be dehydrated. That’s what we’re hoping for. Instead of just admitting him, she decided to let us go home and try to rehydrate him and see where we are on Wednesday. So if he keeps vomiting, I’m supposed to replace whatever he vomits as much as possible. I think this is going to be a grueling few days. We’ll see if he looks better on Wednesday. If not, he’ll be admitted to start dialysis. (though I might ask if we can try IV hydration and see if that helps his labs and the vomiting before starting dialysis.)



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