A few weeks ago, the Neph prescribed medicine for GERD (reflux, though with Teddy, we have to specify that it’s for gastro reflux, because he does have kidney reflux, too, lol). I didn’t fill the Rx. He had one episode in front of her that was terrible. Retching and crying and arching and it was horrible. But it only happened one other time and I didn’t think that warranted medicine.

Then a week later, we started the puking. Oh my gosh. He pukes, ok? I mean, at least once a day, usually twice. On GOOD days. But he started puking everything. Tuesday through Friday, I kept most of his overnight feed in him, but only about 25% of his day feed. Not nearly enough. He was starting to pee less, even. So I asked some lovely ladies online, if you treat for GERD, what were the symptoms that prompted treatment and did they improve. And I got back “arching the back, whining and clutching at the chest, and retching/crying.” Oh. Wow. That’s Teddy. Yeah.

So, feeling like an idiot, I filled the Rx. I had been attributing the chest grabbing to skin-level discomfort from his PD dressing, and didn’t think much of the arching/crying. Retching is something he does a lot, but is common in kidney babies, so… *shrug.*  Idiot.

Walgreens sucks rocks (love my language on here lately?). I was giving them one last chance to straighten up and fly right because I LOVE their refill app, but they screwed up again and so I was unable to give him any on Friday. Medicap  – our new pharmacy – was able to get it to me Friday night and we did his first dose Saturday morning. (pharmacist recommended giving it to him before his first feeding of the day, but, um, seriously. I do meds three times a day, and I’m not adding in an extra time just for this one. He gets it with the rest of the AM meds when I unhook him from the feeding pump.) By Sunday noon, we noticed a marked decrease in vomiting, NO chest grabbing, no arching, no crying/whining/arching, and hardly any retching. YAY.

And I feel like a total jerk for not filling the rx sooner, but honestly – I just didn’t want him to need it. That’s really what it comes down to. I didn’t want him to need it, and I didn’t see what I needed to see.


2 thoughts on “Reflux

  1. It took us a lot longer to figure out Evie needed meds, so I’d say you’re doing just fine! There’s just too many other things going on, it’s easy to attribute certain things to the already 50 million things going on.

  2. So glad that it seems to be working for him. I hope he is getting some relief from it.

    When my little guy was 9 days old my husband and I woke up to him choking, gurgling and turning blue. He had puked so much that it was coming from his nose and he couldn’t breath. It sucked. He has been on meds ever since. That was also before we knew more about his kidneys and had to add on those other meds too. Luckily we only have 3 meds, an ng tube and his problems aren’t too severe at this point.

    We pray for your little guy and for your family.

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