Milk Storage System – pumped breastmilk

So, since the point of this blog is twofold, to keep people current on Teddy and to provide information and support to other families going through similar things, I thought I’d put up another few posts about how we do things. This is how I currently store Teddy’s milk.

Milk Storage

I always start a day with AT LEAST the current day’s day portion and night portion in separate glass jars in the fridge. In the morning, I put a ReCap lid on the day portion jar, so I can easily pour from it. Then during the course of the day, I pour off into bottles 100 mL at a time. He eats by mouth whatever he wants over the course of 2 or 3 hours, and whatever is left, I bolus in through his G-Tube. I am finding that this system (100 mL at a time, start over every 2-3 hours) is helping me keep up with his feeds – he was tending to fall behind during the day – as well as keeps the milk fresher when it’s so hot.

milk storage

Throughout the day, as I pump, I just cap the bottles from the pump and throw them in the fridge on the top shelf. I just let them accumulate during the day. When I get up in the morning, part of my morning routine is to prepare the milk for the next day or two. I measure out whatever his current day quantity is and pour that into a large Mason jar and cap it with a plastic cap. I measure out his current night quantity and pour that into a separate Mason jar (I currently am using a pint size for overnight and a quart size for day). If I don’t have quite enough for the full portion (for example, his current overnight is 450 mL, so if I end up with, say, 365, mL, I write 365 on the top of the plastic cap with a dry erase crayon and throw it back in the fridge.

Milk Storage

I only measure milk once a day. I don’t rebottle, consolidate bottles, or do anything else with milk during the day.

Currently, I’m pumping about as much as he eats in a day. Some days I’m a little short, some days I’m a little over. Every once in a while, I get 30-50 mL over. Over the course of a month, that sometimes adds up. I like to keep enough for the current day, the current night, and the next full day and night unfrozen in the fridge. If I ever find that I have more than that amount, I freeze any leftover. In the last 3 months, I’ve managed to freeze two bottles of 120 mL each. Not much, but better than what I was doing before that, which was going through my freezer stash like crazy.


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