Our family owns a time-share at a resort on Lake Oboboji, and our week was last week. We had a good time, and I got over my nervousness about being so far away from our hospital. Teddy even got in the pool – and loved it – at least up to his waist. And I ignored the looks of horror on the faces of the other kids and parents at the kiddie pool.

Teddy Hanging Out

Teddy Hanging Out This was Teddy’s first pool experience. He sat in the water for 2 minutes and then went to sleep.

The Lake
Arnold's Park
Teddy and I mostly stood around and watched at Arnold’s Park, but the big kids had a great time.
Arnold's Park(that other girl in there with Genna is her cousin Joey.)

Arnold's Park
Looks like there is PLENTY of room in there for a new kidney!!

GeocachingWe went geocaching. Only picked up 3 caches, but we didn’t try too hard.

Back Carry!
First Back Carry!


One thought on “Okoboji

  1. That’s great Satan. By the way we are currently in Costa Rica on a mission trip. Working hard and having a great time.

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