Last week

Well, last week was supposed to be our second “skip” week ever. (After 6 months, we’ve finally graduated to every other week clinic visits – until then, we’d driven to Iowa City every week.)

Then, on Monday, Teddy started acting funny. Of course, it could be a number of things. Normal baby stuff like teeth, it could be his ears bothering him, etc. Or it could be special baby stuff like his kidney ceasing to function.

And we didn’t worry too much about it when he was still not right Tuesday or Wednesday. He started waking up crying during the night and was hard to soothe. Rubbing at his face constantly. He stopped eating much by mouth (like, far less than half of his DAY portion – I was doing bolus feeds plus dumping a lot of extra in his night feed to compensate). Fussing and crying. Then we started looking at him, trying to decide if he looked puffy. And you know how it is… if you try not to think of elephants, suddenly all you can think of is elephants? We looked at him, and the more we looked, the puffier he seemed. And his blood pressure was unacceptably high – 130/80 range.

We were headed to the ped’s office on Thursday anyway, so I called the nephrologist to see if they could put in an order for a metabolic panel (his kidney function tests) to be drawn at the ped’s office, and I’d feel better all around. I would have them check his BP for me, too, recognizing the high probability of user error.

And then the nephrologist got concerned, even though I said about 100 times that it was probably nothing and I was probably just being paranoid and overly cautious.

>> Note here that I’ve seen other kidney moms comment before that they feel  like a first-time parent with their kidney baby, because you worry about everything. I’ll add that I was never this uptight about Wally, ever. I have a pretty lax attitude about illness, and am really a wait and see type of person.   Also note that a kidney mom friend of mine on FB said on Thursday that she found her instincts were about 50% right with her kidney baby. She would know when something was wrong, but most of the time she couldn’t determine WHAT was wrong. That’s clearly also me. <<

So the nephrologist wanted me to drive in. And he was completely fine. The nurse suggested his face rubbing might be environmental allergies, and the little booger was ALL smiles and giggles and hardly any tears, even when he got a shot.

Me = paranoid


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