Pediatrician Visit

Monday found us back at the pediatrician’s office.

– NOBODY has a record of his getting the HIB shot. But he did, I have it written down. I wrote down the date, and based on where we were on that date, he got it at UI. But it’s not in their records, and it’s not in the ped’s records, so it’s like it didn’t exist. I’m SO PISSED about that. However, because of the date, it was 2 weeks after he got an IVIG infusion (his first) and so doesn’t count anyway. (I didn’t think to ask about vaccines and IVIG until his second infusion.)

– Ped told me that NOBODY is really ok with me doing the shots the way we are (one at a time) and kind of scolded me for him being 5 months and only received 3 shots total. But MY plan was one shot every other week – it is NOT my fault that he has had surgery after surgery, and the line infection, and the IVIGs. I explained to her politely (because I do like her) that I thought everyone should be thanking me for consenting to this at ALL and I didn’t think I needed hassle for doing it in a way I was comfortable with.

– She is happy with his development. She said she didn’t want to say that he was “delayed” the last time she saw him, but… This kind of bugged me. You’re not doing anyone any favors by not calling a spade a spade. If he is delayed, say it. She is pleased with how he is doing, but she was comparing him to where you’re supposed to be at 4 months, as opposed to almost 6 months. She did note that he is really behind in trunk and head control, but his alertness, use of his hands, grasping things, etc. are right on.

– He got another vaccine (#3). I actually should have declined for this visit, but caved to the pressure (from everyone, not just the ped). With Genna’s chicken pox, the nephrologist is wanting to treat Teddy with an antiviral at the first sign of illness (like fever), but fever is also a side effect of vaccines. He did in fact get a fever, and then we had to worry about whether it was the shot, or the pox.

– She encouraged starting solids so that he continues to work on his oral skills, but I think he’s doing fine. He takes his bottles readily and his bolus feeds are usually pretty small.


2 thoughts on “Pediatrician Visit

  1. I am so sorry that you are were bullied. When J was sick they tried to bully me into vaccines(for him and the entire family) even though he (and his siblings) had already had a severe reaction to different vaccines. I was told that we couldn’t go to any of the oncology family parties because we would be a threat to all the kids there. (Seriously? Who cares about parties, my kid was just diagnosed with cancer. Not only that but you want to inject a kid with something that hasn’t been tested for its carcinogenic properties while he has cancer?) When they realized that I wasn’t going to cave they let it go and it hasn’t been brought up again.

    Prays sent your way that you can stay strong and do what YOU know is best for Teddy. 🙂

  2. I stumbled across your blog today and have spend most of the day reading about Teddy’s journey. My son was born Jan. 7 of this year with PUVs that caused stage V renal disease and grade V vesicourtial reflux in both kidneys. I am sorry Teddy is having such a rough time and I will add you to my prayer list. Our journey makes me wish I had become a nephrologist instead of a teacher! 🙂

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