Team Teddybear shirts

I am placing an order for some Tshirts. They will have an image of a Kidney and the words Team Teddybear.

I originally was making them for people who are walking with us in the Kidney Walk (see link to right), but anyone can buy one. I’m getting ready to put the order in tomorrow. Right now, the prices are: $10 for kids and $12 for adults, but the price will drop a bit more if we get enough more shirts. That price includes a small markup (about $1.50), which will go into the Teddybear Transplant fund (and will be routed through COTA once we get that going).

I am ordering both Men’s shirts and Ladies’ shirts, so please tell me which one you want and what size. (The ladies shirts are a more feminine cut but a bit shorter than the mens shirts, which are the typical boxy Tshirt shape.) The shirts are Gildan brand, Kiwi color, 6.1 oz 100% cotton. We could go with a thinner cotton and save about $1.50 per shirt, but the heavier weight is worth the expense in my opinion. The 4.5 oz cottons tend to fall apart pretty quickly.

Please just respond here or email me if you want one. Obviously, if you need me to mail them to you, there will also be postage costs.


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