Still here

2012-04-05 14.19.35

So, Teddy has high blood pressure. They’ve been inching up with each hospital visit (the only time he ever gets his BP tested). This time, they’ve been super high even when he’s really calm and not crying. It is very common in kidney failure.

So he’s now on blood pressure medicine.

We’ll take a blood pressure machine home with us and check his pressure at home and he’ll continue on the meds for the foreseeable future.

Otherwise, we are kind of hanging out today. His weight has stabilized (he was down from all the vomiting, then waaaay up from IV fluid, and now he seems to have leveled out at a point that seems like a true weight for him. His BUN was waaay low (good) but it was artificially low from the IV fluids. Yesterday, it was back up to mid-40s, with the creatinine following at 1.9. Yesterday, he got the Venofer (iron) infusion. Today, IVIG. Tomorrow, another venofer.

Then home!

Dr. J said that there’s very little that could happen that would prevent our going home tomorrow. Even a high BUN, she’ll still let us go home. We wouldn’t get to stay, lol, but we could go for a few days. Sigh. I know we’ve got at least one more hospital stay in the not to distant future, but this is starting to wear on me.


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