Safe Place

Fellow Kidney Mom Carmen wrote a blog post recently about Safe Places. The two places nobody messes with Camden – the carrier and while nursing.

It got me thinking. I might start consciously keeping our carriers as safe places for Teddy, particularly as he gets older. Nursing is rarely comforting for him, sadly. But he loves the wrap. I still feel like his little soul just wants to crawl back inside where it was safe, and the wrap is as close as he can get. Teared up a little writing that.

So, while I’m pretty sure that he’s never had anything done to him in the wrap to date, I’ve decided to consciously always remove him from the wrap for medical stuff and keep that his safe place. The downside is that he might eventually begin to associate being taken OUT of the wrap with bad things happening, but hopefully he will also associate being IN the wrap with good things happening. He needs a refuge, so I’ll make one for him.


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